When is the right time to get that bike out of winter storage? I actually know a few people who never put their bike up for the winter. February didn't really work out for much biking but March saw the snow melt and the trails clear. And now it seems that everyone is ready to get back out on their bike.

I happen to live in Ulster county where the Empire State Trail cuts right through town. On any given day you can travel Route 299 from Highland to New Paltz and see bikers, walkers and joggers making there way up the trail in both directions. It was probably about a week ago I noticed that the trail was full of folks out on their bikes.

funny girl and bicycle

Take a look around, the racks are back on the cars and people are traveling everywhere with their bikes. Last year it was hard to get a bike due to the pandemic. Hopefully the market is a little better for those of us who are bike-less but would like to take it up at some point.

I actually haven't ridden a bike sent 1991. I know how long it has been because I got a bike when I was married to my first husband and I actually still have that bike hanging in my garage where it has been since I moved in to my current house in 2003. I am thinking I made need to have some work done on it before I head out on an adventure.


So when does biking season officially start in the Hudson Valley? I am going to say, now. And I would even venture to say that if you don't get out this weekend you will have officially missed opening day. Ride with the wind and I will see you on the trail. I may be the adult with training wheels.

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