There was a beautiful sight this morning in the Hudson Valley.

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So lets be' never really fun driving into work on a Monday morning. Most people are exhausted from the weekend and are just mustering up enough energy to start the day and star a new work week. That was me this morning, I worked all weekend and could barley keep my eyes open, but a beautiful sight made my Monday morning commute much better.

Beautiful rainbow in the Hudson Valley:

It was raining a little bit this morning ( I feel like it's been doing that for the past 6 months straight, ugh). and it was a typical Monday morning. I started to notice that the person driving in front of me was going very, very slow all of sudden. Of course, instantly I was frustrated until I looked up and saw a beautiful rainbow in the sky. It was so beautiful and I thought, this has to be some kind of good sign right?


What do rainbows symbolize?

I looked up what rainbows can mean and came across a few interesting theories. Not only are rainbows at the end of a storm (a sign of beauty after a storm), but they also can symbolize good luck, wellness, happiness and health. I could surely use some positive luck in all of those and I'm sure everyone who drove this morning did too.

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How about we talk about something a little different? This place could use a rainbow, here's an old hotel in the Hudson Valley that was once a very beautiful sight:

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