We've all heard the phrase before, but what does it really mean and how does it impact New York?

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The Hudson Valley has been sure to deliver some breathtaking sunrises and sunsets this summer and we still have plenty of time to see a bunch more. One morning it looked like the sky was a rich purple color (so beautiful), but lately I have seen a lot of pink and pink colors in the sky. It looks beautiful, but there's a common saying that goes with a pink sky and part of it might not be the best meaning. You can decide....


I think we have all heard the phrase "pink sky at night, sailors delight; pink sky in the morning, sailor's warning". I was on Facebook the other day and someone posted a beautiful sunrise picture with a pink sky and they typed out that phrase right on top of it.

Sooo....what exactly does that phrase mean?

According to sources, when there is a "pink sky" in the morning it means there will be bad weather on the same day. If there is a "pink sky" at night it means there will be good weather tomorrow. It has been a common warning for sailors and those who plan on spending a whole day out on the water. It's something that is very quick and easy to remember as well. Some people don't think it's correct or true, but hey...we all can believe what we want to believe. We have had a lot of pink sunrises this summer and unfortunately we've had a lot of rain.

Do you think the phrase about a pink sky in the morning or night is true? Have you tested it out before? Let us know on the station app.

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