Here's the perfect place to get in better shape for the new year.

After a VERY, VERY bad hiking experience a few years ago, I've decided it's time to try again and enjoy the beautiful scene the Hudson Valley has to offer. Thankfully, I have a few girlfriends who are experienced hikers and have taken me under their wing to show me the ropes...well the mountains.

I recently went on a hike that was absolutely beautiful and it should be next on your Hudson Valley bucket list.

Where's an amazing place to go hiking in the Hudson Valley?

I'll show you a little bit, but I can't give too many pictures away because you NEED to check out this place for yourself. I'm very proud of myself for making it to the top and it didn't take that long. What's the hidden hiking gem in the Hudson Valley? Here it MUST check out the Stissing Fire Tower that's located in Pine Plains, NY.


I clearly don't have a lot of experience hiking, but I was able to make it the whole way and am happy to report that I'm really not that sore today.

It was very relaxing during the hike and I was able to check out from the stress of the world and really just focus on getting to the top (it's very rare to find something that does that today). Also, on the way up we ran into someone who's associated with the fire tower and said big things will be coming to that area for hikers. We'll have to keep our eyes on it.

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More information can be found at Know more cool places to go hiking? Send me more suggestions on the station app.

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