As one door closes, another one opens.

Each town has a local restaurant that they visit and enjoy spending time there. Supporting small businesses is essential in the Hudson Valley not only for the establishment's success but for the community as well.

A popular, family-owned restaurant in Orange County, NY will be making changes.


Those who have visited this restaurant have had the opportunity to taste homemade, Italian cuisine. Locals have claimed that this may be the best pizza in the Hudson Valley. 

This family-run business has not only satisfied the appetites within Middletown, NY but also their hearts too. Their friendly staff has made customers feel welcomed for over 18 years. After many years of teamwork, dedication and memories, this popular business will be missed.

Joey's Old World Pizza will transfer the business to a new family.

This announcement was made on social media. With over 290 comments from loyal customers, family and friends, the staff from Joey's Pizza could feel the love.

Over the years, Joey's Pizza guests have enjoyed their one-of-a-kind pizza, authentic meals, and great conversation.

How will Joey's Pizza live on in Middletown, NY?

There will be new owners taking over Joey's Pizza. The announcement has not been made of who the new owners will be and when they will officially take over. Customers hope that the food, recipes and "good vibes" stay the same. For more updates, check back here and Joey's Pizza's social media.

Next door to Joey's Pizza, GoodwillNYNJ has recently opened for shopping needs and donations

Goodwill NYNJ has opened in Dunning Farm Plaza in Middletown, NY. They had their Middletown Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on September 6, 2022. They look forward to providing the community with the chance to shop locally and sustainably. Those interested can donate and show their support as well. Goodwill NYNJ also wants to provide job opportunities.

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Joey's Pizza

88 Dunning Rd #11, Middletown, NY 10940

Where is your favorite place to get pizza in the Hudson Valley? Share with us below!

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