Over the next few weeks, you will notice something different in Orange County New York. Maybe you won't notice, it will be subtle. There will be several buildings that are being lit up in green all night.

Why is this happening? Is the county getting ready for a visit from Oscar the Grouch? Maybe the Grinch? There is a very serious reason that they are doing this. Why and which buildings are included?

Why is Orange County New York lighting buildings up in green? What does it mean?

President Biden Visits Arlington Cemetery For Services Honoring Veterans Day
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The reason that they are lighting specific buildings up in green. Veteran's Day. According to a press release, the Orange County NY Executive Steven Neuhaus, directed the county building to be lit up green, November 9 through the 13th, to honor Veterans. The project is called Operation Green Light. 

Which buildings or areas are going to be lit up green in Orange County for Operation Green Light?

Veterans Day Honored In Nation's Capital
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As of this writing, the buildings that will be illuminated or 'lit up' in green are going to be the Orange County Government Center and the Orange County NY Veterans Cemetary located in Goshen.

Can anyone or any business participate in Operation Green Light? How can we participate and honor Veteran's in this way?


Yes, anyone can participate, as an individual, as a group or as a business. It is as simple as changing your porch light to a green bulb. A business can use green flood lights or other ways to safely cast a green light on their business to also honor Veterans.

If you do participate, you are encouraged to help spread the word about Operation Green light on social media with the #OperationGreenLight. Let service members know that they are appreciated and that there are resources across the State of New York to assist them. Thank you for your service.

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