Do you love being outdoors? Talking to people and protecting the environment? Have you ever thought about being a Park Ranger? No, it isn't all about Yogi Bear, or even Smokey Bear, but more about helping the parks and the visitors.

How does one go about applying to be a NYS Park Ranger? Are they really hiring in the winter for Park Rangers in the Summer of 2024? Keep reading for the info as to how to apply to become a Park Ranger, and yes, the application period to apply to become a NYS Park Ranger is open now.

Who can be a New York State Park Ranger?

Getty Imagess/David Calvert
Getty Imagess/David Calvert

To apply to be a Ranger, you will need to be at least 18 years of age at the start of the summer season, you will also need to have a valid NYS ID, be able to pass a background check, be able to complete security guard training, as well as be in good physical condition.

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Does it cost anything to apply to become a New York State Park Ranger?

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You will need to pay for your fingerprinting, and you will also need to pay for your NYS Security Guard License Application. Both of the fees at the time of this writing total under $150, but you do not have to do that at the time of application. The pay is just over $20 per hour and the uniforms and equipment that you will need to do the job will be provided.

For more details on apply for this job with the New York State Parks Department, click here. 

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