There are things that I 'just notice' this time, people thought I was more crazy than normal, but hear me out. When did Subway sandwich shops stop calling their bread "bread?" It sure smells like fresh baked bread every time I walk into any one of their locations.

The thing that they put the meat and cheese, along with all my toppings sure looks like bread. Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, right?

When did Subway stop calling their bread "bread?"

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Turns out, I was probably the last one to get the memo. Subway has not been calling their bread, bread since 2010. It was that year when someone in Ireland took Subway to court over the sugar content in their bread. What it boils down to is the fact that there is a high ratio of sugar to flour in their "not bread" so they haven't been able to refer to it legally as that, since then. 

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What does Subway call their bread then, if not bread?

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Here is what I found out, while they refer to the whole category of bread options as bread, but they don't call their subs bread, only the 'Artisan Flatbread's get the designation with the word bread.

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You will instead simply see identifiers like "Toasted Artisan Italian," "Toasted Hearty Multigrain," and "Toasted Italian Herbs & Cheese." Does it mean anything? Nope, go ahead and order whatever you normally do, it will still taste the same, it just legally has a different name.

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