Do you consider yourself bougie? Some people joke around that they're bougie or know someone who acts that way. Either way, the personal opinion about this term is solely created by each individual person and their experience.

While some people may question what exactly bougie means, I'll explain. shared,

"relating to or characteristic of a person who indulges in some of the luxuries and comforts of a fancy lifestyle: He spends too much on bougie stuff he can't afford."


"Also bour·gie [bur-zhee, ‐jee, boo‐] . Often Disparaging and Offensive."


Is New York State Really The Most "Bougie" Or Is It Just The City?


The state of New York is known as the Empire State, a place that we love to call home. New Yorkers have a strong sense of pride when stating where they're from or if they still currently live there.

While some may claim that there is a difference between people who live all throughout New York, others say different. On social media, there's videos that claim that people who live in and on Long Island and Staten Island and in New York City can say they live in New York.

While the residents who live above Westchester, NY should state that they live in upstate New York. However, depending on who you ask, upstate New York could start above Albany.

Personally, I believe that upstate New York starts above Kingston, NY. "True" upstate New York residents claim that there's a difference in accent, the winters are colder and the people are nicer.

Either way, we should all get along, co-exist and claim that we are New York residents regardless of where in the state we live unless you want to consider yourself "bougie".

Secret NYC shared that 

"New York is actually the most bougie state in America"

Would this statement be for all of New York state or just New York City?

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Why Is New York Considered The Most "Bougie" State?


Secret NYC shared a new study provided by Google data by SD Bullion. This claimed that,

"New York ranked number one for having the most expensive taste in the country. The study analyzed 50 keywords related to expensive tastes including brands, products, precious metals."

Interesting enough, this study dug deep into the search for cheaper alternatives to better understand which state has the “priciest preferences.”

New York may be considered the most "bougie" according to the information that Secret NYC and SD Bullion found.

"When investigated side by side, New York showed the most interest in products per capita and designer brands."


" Google Trends showed that Louis Vuitton was the most popular brand in New York, with traffic resulting from the French luxury designer’s collaboration with Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama."

What States Also Have The Most Expensive Taste Similiar To New York?


Secret NYC and SD Buillion claimed that the study's research showed that New York was the least interested out of all the states in any dupes, copycat products or discounts.

“New York’s demand for high-end products far outweighs [the] interest in imitation versions,” when the study compared searches for common dupes to the original company or designer."

The states with the most expensive taste besides New York City are New Jersey, California and Hawaii.

Personal opinion will decide if all of New York state should be considered "bougie" or if just New York City qualies.

Do You Consider The Hudson Valley To Be "Bougie"?


While bougie bingo may take place throughout the Hudson Valley, some residents would claim that this part of New York state is not bougie.

For the most part, Hudson Valley residents enjoy supporting local businesses for all of their needs.

What Do Facebook Users Believe To Be "Bougie" About New York?


Secret NYC shared their study on social media platforms. They asked,

Are we surprised? #bougie — in New York, USA.”

Quick to respond Facebook users didn't hold back with their responses.

Nah los angles probably is cali altogether. New York still has a lot blue collar culture. 2nd most unions in the country. 2 of our cities Albany and Syracuse are on the top ten. Nyc a quarter of the city is made up of union workers.”


What does “Bougie “ mean?


New York City, sure. New York State, no.


NYC Pride.

Strong and proud.

Buffalo is uselessly bougie tho.
NYC is the next California  

What do you think of the term bougie? Do you consider all of New York state to be bougie or just New York City? Let us know below.

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