The Hudson Valley made it to primetime...again!

If you're a fan of the show New Amsterdam on NBC, you probably had to do a double-take. Yes, just to confirm, you in fact did see the Hudson Valley in the latest episode.

The episode's description from the show's website explains:

When Helen Sharpe unexpectedly returns to New York, Max escapes to the wilderness on a corporate retreat with Bloom, Wilder and Iggy. Fun soon turns into catastrophe that threatens a life. Reynolds agrees to perform a risky surgery on a colleague's son.

In the first few minutes of the NBC medical drama (episode called Falling), we see Dr. Max Goodwin take a bunch of tickets to the Great Escape from a patient who can no longer attend due to a significant amount of bee stings. We learn that the Great Escape is a day-long team-building exercise as a way to get New Yorkers "off the grid and up a mountain."

Guess where the Great Escape is? You guessed it. In the Hudson Valley, more specifically in Ulster County at the Mohonk Preserve.

New Amsterdam Docs Head to Mohonk Preserve

The New Amsterdam team heads upstate for their Great Escape team-building trip and we're treated to scenes of our own Hudson Valley backyard.

New Amsterdam, NBC
New Amsterdam, NBC

We then watch as the New Amsterdam staff hikes through the trails, does a little rock climbing, and takes in the incredible views. Of course, art imitates life and there is an injury during the episode.

New Amsterdam, NBC
New Amsterdam, NBC

Hudson Valley residents know Mohonk is no stranger to hiking injuries and lost tourists. But we won't spoil the whole episode for you. You can watch it in full on the official NBC New Amsterdam website.

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According to the Hudson Valley Film Commission, this was one of 3 projects that were filmed at Mohonk last year. They write on Facebook:

It was the third production to film at Mohonk Preserve in 2022. Other projects including MANIFEST and LOST ON A MOUNTAIN IN MAINE.

New Amsterdam, NBC
New Amsterdam, NBC


Mohonk Mountain House on Amazon

Fans of the show Upload on Amazon might be asking "Didn't they film at Mohonk Mountain House?" They did, but not in the way you're thinking. According to reports, Upload only used shots of Mohonk's exterior for Upload's Lakeview Resort.

The show itself was filmed in Canada.

Do you have a favorite Hudson Valley movie/television reference?

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