The well known saying, "to each their own '' pertains to a lot of things within the Hudson Valley.

Hudson Valley residents may have certain, favorite hang out spots, restaurants and areas to visit. Depending on the person, they may also claim which hamlets, villages or towns may be better than others.

The Hudson Valley has room for everyone. Music lovers, nature enthusiasts, history buffs and more can explore what there is to offer in each county.

A recent report came out about "must-visit" towns within New York state and a few Hudson Valley towns were highlighted among the best to visit.

World Atlas Shared Hudson Valley Towns That Are A "Must Visit" In New York State

New York state

Recently, World Atlas shared information about the 12 "Must-Visit" Small Towns In New York. New York state is large, ranging from New York City to lower Hudson Valley to mid Hudson Valley, upstate New York 

Do you agree?

Here Are 3 “Must-Visit” Hudson Valley Towns From World Atlas

Croton On Hudson, NY

Croton on Hudson

When I visited Croton on Hudson, NY I visited The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze: Hudson Valley. I enjoyed being in an outdoor space that is the home to n 7,000 illuminated jack o' lanterns.

World Atlas explained,

"Home to one of the largest structures in the US, Croton on Hudson is a real stunner, showing the power of engineering and the beauty of nature in one little riverside village."


"Aside from the 97 gorgeous acres of Croton Gorge Park with a beach, nature trails, and a pavilion to take in the gorgeous scenery, it is the iconic bridge that brings in the herds to see its arch over a gigantic dam on the Hudson River."


Phoenicia, NY


I have visited Phoenicia, NY a few times. I instantly noticed the difference in air and was able to smell the fresh pine trees.

The Phoenicia Diner is a must stop when visiting the area. The Emerson Resort is located in Mt. Tremper which is near Phoenicia, NY and has the world's largest kaleidoscope.

World Atlas shared,

"Sleepy and beautiful—a sleeping beauty, anyone—Phoneia is close to NYC via the Trailways Bus if you don't feel like driving! This must-visit town is just the right amount of weird when it awakens musically inclined and artsy to keep you prowling through sights in the heart of the Catskill Mountains."


"Coming alive in the summer with tourists, its handful of hotels and cute rentals by friendly locals are half responsible for making your acquaintance with Phoenicia that awesome."

Saugerties, NY


Saugerties, NY is the home to the Saugerties Lighthouse which I had the chance to explore. Local businesses line up the streets within Saugerties, along with unique murals and more.

World Atlas explained,

"With its sweet-sounding name, this eclectic town is all kinds of fabulous on the Hudson River. Partially within Catskill Park, Saugerties is primed for outdoor enthusiasts, with a ton of walks, hikes, and camping opportunities right at the doorstep. "


"Home to "one of the largest and most beguiling works of art on the entire continent," according to Architectural Digest, the Opus 40, a massive environment sculpture, is a must-see on a scenically charged stroll through the sculpture park."

Here Are Two Hudson Valley Towns That Should Have Made The "Must-Visit" List


Beacon, NY


I believe that Beacon, NY should have been included on this list, it has something for everyone.

From hiking trails to bars, restaurants, donut shops, an arcade with a bar and most importantly, the infamous waterfall near The Roundhouse.

The Snooki Shop was once open in Beacon, NY as well. 

You truly can park your car at the beginning of Main Street and walk all the way down near Melzingahs. This would be perfect to do in warm weather on a sunny day. Along the way, you might be surprised by what catches your eye. There are also a lot of locally owned, cute little boutiques that stand out.

Beacon, NY is also close to Cold Spring, NY and other surrounding towns.

New Paltz, NY

New Paltz

I believe that New Paltz, NY should have been included on this list, it has it's own vibe to it.

This popular, college town is filled with diverse options to enjoy food, a handful of bars, locally owned shops and more.

New Paltz, NY has a rich historical background. It was once referred to as Old Paltz. According to Historic Huguenot Street and New Paltz Town records, this town was founded in the 1600s by French Huguenots. 

According to the Town of New Paltz, these Huguenots, " purchased nearly 40,000 acres of land near the Wallkill River from the Esopus, which became known as the "New Paltz Patent."

The stone houses in New Paltz are still standing today. They can be seen in the National Historic Landmark District located along Huguenot Street right in the village of New Paltz.

New Paltz, NY is also close to Rosendale, NY and other unique towns, hamlets and villages to explore.

Which Hudson Valley town do you think deserves to make the list? Share with us below.

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It's known for being 

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While this may be a place that some people gather often, others can refer to it as a hidden gem in the Hudson Valley.  Crystal Connection can also be described as 

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