Monticello High School students competed in New York State History Day and represented the Hudson Valley proudly. There are so many bright and talented students in the Hudson Valley and it's really great to see them get the recognition they deserve. A recent experience was very special to high school students in one Hudson Valley area because the students were able to compete in New York History Day for the first time at SUNY Oneonta on Monday, April 24th.

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How did the students in Monticello prepare?

According to the Monticello Central School District Facebook Page, the students placed first or second in their respective categories at the Mid-Hudson Regional History Day Competition. These students did a ton of research and their hard work payed off because they made it all the way to the state level.

Monticello Central School District/Canva
Monticello Central School District/Canva

What was the theme of the research?

The theme was 'Frontiers in History, People, Places and ideas'. It was no easy task to part on any of this, the students presented their research to different students and academic professionals from across the state. Most students are not looking to take on extra work and these students should be commended for their dedication.

What is National History all about?

National History Day is an educational nonprofit that encourages teachers and students to engage in historical research. The mission is National History Day is to improve the teaching and learning of history in middle school and high school through an innovative framework of historical research and inquiry.

It certainly seems like that message was understood in Monticello.Here's to the next generation of students who will make a great impact on the world.

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