So when exactly do you start thinking about buying your calendar for the upcoming year? Do you wait until after the year starts so you can get a discount? Or are you like me and order one early so you can plan ahead.

I realize that in the year when things on our calendar didn't happen, it could be weird to think about planning things for next year. But, you have got to have faith that 2021 is going to be full of lots of stuff to do. We officially have 9 weeks left of 2020 let's start planning 2021.

The first step is a calendar. Yes, I know you don't need one. You latest digital gadget keeps track of everything for you. But with all that we have learned this year don't you think keeping track of 2021 in a retro old school fashion might make planning a lot more fun.

Time to get a wall calendar. You could head online or maybe a better idea instead is to spend your 2021 calendar money locally. You can actually buy a calendar that shows off the talent of volunteer photographers and the pictures are of places you could actually visit as oppose to those pretty scenic store bought calendars. So where am I suggesting you get your 2021 calendar? Simple, From the Mohonk Preserve.

You can order the calendar online, stop by the visit center to pick one up or call to order at 845-255-0919 . This 2021 calendar isn't just a great date tracker full of scenic preserve photos, it also has useful information about the preserve, nature history observations that can guide you while you visit and weather information based on records kept over the years.

If you are a photographer and would like to find out how you could volunteer at the Mohonk Preserve and maybe have a photo of yours featured find out more on the volunteer tab.

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