How do you fix your hot dogs? Ketchup? Mustard? The Lite-FM Question of the Day was just that. Here are a few of the very passionate responses that our Facebook Friends shared with us!

  • Kay Ann. Neither, plain..
  • Mel, Kimberly, Leslie and Jamie say "Ketchup"
  • Catherine L. If it's charred deeply (my favorite) on a grill ketchup. Otherwise yellow mustard.
  • Patricia E.  Mustard ,onions and Dallas sauce
  • Olimpia A. Spicy brown mustard 🌶😋😂
  • Frank L.  Chili raw onions
  • Lora S. Mustard....and sauerkraut
  • Janette P. Ketchup then mustard then sauerkraut then onion Sauce.
  • Donna C. Mustard and relish 😋
  • Ann Marie P. Spicy mustard
  • Sarah O.  Mustard and relish
  • Phyllis E.  Mustard!
  • Brandon E. I love both with onions😞
  • Bobby M. Ketchup hands down
  • Robin, Kimberly, Pamela, Arlene and Shirley say "Mustard"
  • Peggy Caulfield Tierney Both!
  • Richard Otero Brown mustard, then sauerkraut, then red onions in that order. Yum!
  • Linda Farrell Both
  • Renee OConnor Both
  • Christina Bueti Both! And sauerkraut and relish
  • Susan Lee Neither
  • Indira Velasquez Baked beans instead!
  • Donna Meisner Onions and relish

What are your thoughts? If you could pick any items from a salad bar to put on your hot dog, what would you choose? No limits!

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