The Fourth of July is just days away, and that means we’ll be eating lots of hot dogs. The other day I saw a little kid put ketchup on his hot dog, and I thought to myself that this was not an appropriate way to top a wiener. Then I found out that the kid is not alone. Lots of people put ketchup on their dogs. Me? I’m a mustard, sauerkraut and onion sauce girl. But what do I know? So, I decided to do a little survey on my Facebook page to find out the Hudson Valley’s favorite hot dog toppings. And the survey says…

What Are the Hudson Valley’s Favorite Hot Dog Toppings?

These are the Hudson Valley’s Favorite Hot Dog Toppings

There were also people who are loyal to their favorite hot dog joint sauces like Dallas Hot Wieners in Kingston and Newburgh Lunch. And some people like so many toppings, it's surprising they can even taste the hot dog. However you like your hot dog, I hope you have a great summer with many delicious dogs.

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