The holiday season has officially arrived and we are going to start getting so busy it will be easy to forget things. Now that we will be able to visit friends and family again for the first time in over a year it could be easy to get distracted and find yourself not prepared for the party.

What I am getting at is it has been a while since we had to be out and about and we may be a bit rusty on what we need to have with us when we drop by a friend's house or get invited to a holiday party. So, I made up a list of things you can keep handy in your car so you are always prepared...or a least mostly prepared.


1 - Wrapping Paper, or Better Yet, Tissue Paper and a Gift Bag - You are going to be visiting a lot of people this holiday and you don't want to arrive empty-handed. However, if your gift seems to be too last minute, put it in wrapping paper - or at least a gift bag... looks like you tried.


2 - A Change of Clothes is Always Handy - And if you are going to go that far you might as well pack yourself a little jump bag of toothpaste, shampoo, and other necessities that you might need if you land at someone's house and due to weather or too much holiday cheer, you end up sleeping on the couch. Some might feel that is to presumptuous like you planned to stay but I think it shows the forethought of being in the moment and spontaneous.


3 - Extra Cash - Over the holidays we are bound to come across someone who seems to need a little extra. Whether it is a friend or a random person you encounter during your travels. Being able to spare some cash will make you feel good and possibly make someone's holiday.


4 - The cooler - don't take it out of the car just because picnic season has ended. You never know when you are going to need to grab a bag of ice and some chilled goodies. Even though the weather might be cold enough to keep things chilled in the car the cooler will keep your treats from rolling about the floorboards and collecting all the dog hair you haven't gotten a chance to vacuum up.

Here's to hoping you will always be prepared for fun this winter at any given moment.

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