Over the last few weeks, you may have heard about people quiet quitting. What is that? It is an employee doing only the minimum that their job requires to get paid. Yet, in this day and age employers want you to go above and beyond, if you don't then they are actually (the employers) looking to replace you. There is quiet quitting and there is quiet firing.

This leads me to ask the question, can you be fired for no reason? Or as New York State likes to say, "Just Cause." What is just cause and are there reasons that an employer can fire you that make no sense to you?

Can a Person Working in New York State be Fired for 'Just Cause?' And What Is That?

You are fired
Karen Roach

What does New York State consider 'Just Cause?' Had to look that one up. Here is what I found out. "Just Cause" is a fancy way to say "Without Notice." So, yes an employer can walk into a room and tell every employee that they are no longer needed and they no longer have a job. 

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Is "Just Cause" Legal in New York State?


According to the New York State Attorney General's Office, depending on what the job field is, there are situations where "Just Cause" is legal and for some job fields, it is not legal. Not legal? In cases where fast food workers are the employees. There have recently been protections put into law to look out for fast-food workers, who were no longer needed at their jobs.

So, depending on what your job field is, yes it is legal to be fired without notice unless you work in fast food.

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