Junior's Lounge, a long-time staple of Poughkeepsie, has been struck by a tractor-trailer, causing major damage to the building.

More information in comments state, "Entrapment & partial collapse, additional ambulance requested...Multiple people trapped"

Road Closures

There are currently road closures along the Salt Point Turnpike. Going north, the road is closed by The Gables, while going south, the road is closed where Cream Street meets the Salt Point Turnpike, near Rust & Co. There is currently an intense police presence around the area.

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Demolition and Response

A word from a representative of Junior's Lounge says the building was totaled and the rest will be taken down today. The Red Cross is also on-site providing residents with clothes, vouchers, and hotel housing. Junior's Lounge thanks the community and appreciates the many responses from people, but at this point, they say there is nothing anyone can do.

We have received no official confirmation at this time about the condition of the driver or anyone inside.

Junior's Lounge was a popular Poughkeepsie sports bar, known for its Karaoke Nights, live music, food, and other community events. Residents have flooded social media with pictures from the incident and have shared their heartfelt condolences to the beloved business.

We will be updating this article once more information is released and confirmed.


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