Over the last few years we have seen and heard about many of our favorite shops closing. It is sad when you realize the the countdown is on to the end of something you really enjoy. I can only assume this is how the fans of The Hudson Creamery in Peekskill New York are felling today.

It was officially announced on social media yesterday that the almost decades old ice cream shop known as The Hudson Creamery will be closing their doors for good. They posted to their official Facebook page their gratitude for customers and employees plus including what led to them having to close up shop.

Customers Sad Over Closure of The Hudson Valley Creamery in Peekskill, NY

The Hudson Creamery via Facebook
The Hudson Creamery via Facebook

When the post went up last night (August 15, 2023) that the popular ice cream spot in Peekskill The Hudson Valley Creamery would be closing many fans of the shop expressed how sad they were. Some saying it was terrible news others calling it a bummer. The overwhelming response was that this ice cream spots will be missed.

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The official announcement read "Get Your Last Licks" was apparently prompted by the fact that word had gotten out that the Hudson Creamery was closing and they wanted to be sure to let people know.

The Hudson Creamery is being forced to close, this will be our last season. We hope to remain open through September, but may have to end sooner due to variables out of our control. Our current lease is being terminated as well as our option to renew it. (The Hudson Creamery via Facebook)

They encourage fans of the store to keep an eye on their social media or stop into the shop for updates.

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