Beesting Cake or Bienestich Cake. It is a thing of beauty and if you attend German festivals in the area you might have even tried it. However the only place that I know you can walk into a bakery and buy one is now closed. If I had known in advance I would have ordered at least two, okay who am I kidding, three of them.

Hartmann's Kaffehaus located in Round Top, NY was not open all year, they had times when they were closed. In the last year or two they had scaled back their menu, but I knew I could always get the plum tart or the BeeSting Cake.

Here is the message that was on their Facebook page over the weekend:

After 59 year's Hartmann's Kaffeehaus has closed its doors. As the owner for the last 17 years, I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for allowing Hartmann's to be a part of your lives. Thank you also for the well wishes in my future endeavors and for the health of my wrist (and its future endeavors). I feel very lucky to have been involved with this treasured institution for these many years. I wish you all health, happiness and love.

I too wish Diane and the entire team at Hartmann's good luck with all their future endeavors. Now please wish me luck to be able to find those cakes at another bakery.

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