Residents of the Hudson Valley woke up Monday morning to messy conditions outside their windows, not exactly the winter wonderland that many think of when there's snow in the forecast.  This storm comes after the Hudson Valley experienced bone chilling temperatures the past few days.

While the forecast for this recent storm changed continually, what was being referred to as a 'pretty wild storm' brought snow to some parts of the Hudson Valley as early at 7pm on Sunday evening.  Hudson Valley Weather reported that the storm would have a little bit of everything, and that's what appeared to happen overnight in the Hudson Valley.

Snow changed over to sleet/freezing rain overnight, as could be heard hitting the sides of Hudson Valley homes across the area.

While numbers are still coming in as far as snow accumulation across the Hudson Valley, the ice that fell on top of the snow is what is making things difficult this morning.

In a '5am Observation Thread' Facebook post Monday morning, Hudson Valley Weather asked residents to check in with their current conditions, and many weighed in with varying reports.

Approximate totals of 5-6 inches in West Saugerties, 4-5 inches in Rhinebeck, and 3 inches in LaGrange were reported at the time by comments on the post.

The National Weather Service out of Albany reports that snow, sleet and freezing rain will continue today, that in addition to strong and gusty winds which may cause damage to trees and power lines, resulting in power outages.

A Winter Weather Advisory remains in effect until 12pm today, January 17th, with the updated forecast showing rain and snow likely before 1pm, mainly rain between 1pm and 4pm, and another chance of rain and snow showers after 4pm.

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