Dear 2020 Outdoor Shopping and Dining Fan,

The weather this week has been amazing and sadly we know it won't last. It was great of Mother nature to give us one more taste of late summer and early fall. It was also great to see so many people taking advantage of the warm weather and getting outdoors.

Of all the things we can say about 2020, even though it started with all of us staying home, we certainly didn't stay inside. I am hoping that even though the cold weather is setting in for the Hudson Valley we don't loss our enjoyment of the great outdoors that we have discovered during our year of social distancing.

We may have had to travel closer to home and in smaller groups but it was great to get out. And now we just have to find the right outer wear to keep us heading towards the outdoors. There are bound to be sunny days this winter but why wait for those when we can still enjoy a brisk walk during a light snow fall.

Local retail businesses and restaurants will still be there hoping we will bundle up and join them for some late fall and winter fun. You maybe planning to your holiday shopping online but that should stop you from heading to a local coffee shop for a caramel whatever and then shopping at a local store or two.

Let's promise not to go back inside this winter. Let's keep soaking up fresh air. Let's see if we can't eat lunch outside in December. Let's do our holiday shopping in the snow. Let's find a large propane heater to stand next to and sing "Let it snow". Hope to see you out and about all winter.

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