The Hudson Valley has something for everyone to experience.

Foodies can explore the wide variety of mouth-watering options, nature lovers can explore hidden gems and history buffs can visit the historical sites within each county.

The Hudson Valley is filled with beautiful towns, hamlets and villages.

Tucked away in the Hudson Valley are quaint towns, small villages and even hidden hamlets. There is a difference between the three. 

What's The Difference Between A Hamlet, Village And Town In New York State?


A town typically consists of a settled area that has stores, houses and buildings. It is bigger than a village and smaller than a city.

A village can be known as a small community. This is smaller than a town but larger than a hamlet. A hamlet is smaller than a village. Hamlets can also be known as a community within town governments.

An Ulster County, NY hamlet is only about 2 square miles big, have you been there before? I came across this hamlet on Google Maps when I was in Ulster County, NY, and had to do my own research.

As of 2014, there was a population of only 214 people in this hamlet.
Cottekill, NY is located in Ulster County, NY is only about 2 square miles big.

This small hamlet is located near Rosendale, NY. In this hamlet, there's a fire company, a trail, an eatery, a school, and a post office.

While this small, Ulster County, NY hamlet is only about 2 square miles big, a beautiful Hudson Valley town has 12 hamlets to explore.

Serene Hudson Valley Town Has 12 Hamlets To Explore

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An Ulster County, NY town has 12 hamlets. Parts of Ulster County, NY date back to the early 1600's. This historic Hudson Valley town is beautiful, breathtaking, and serene.

When I visit this area, I feel a sense of relief, and relaxation and admire all of the natural beauty that surrounds this Ulster County, NY gem.

Shandaken, NY is a Hudson Valley town that has 12 hamlets.

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What Are The 12 Hamlets That Exist Within The Town Of Shandaken, NY?

Shandaken, NY is a town located in Ulster County, NY.
The Town of Shandaken shared information about the 12 hamlets of this serene Hudson Valley town.

Shandaken, NY's hamlets consist of Mt. Tremper, Mt. Pleasant, Phoenicia, Chichester, Woodland Valley, Allaben, Shandaken, Bushnellsville, Big Indian, Oliveira, Pine Hill, and Highmount.

Additional information about Shandaken, NY's 12 hamlets can be found on the town's website.

Phoenicia, NY is one of the most popular hamlets in the Town of Shandaken, NY. In fact, a professional baseball player used to spend his time in the beautiful, Phoenicia, NY area.

What Professional Baseball Player Used To Hang Out In Ulster County, NY?

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According to sources, Babe Ruth used to spend his time in Ulster County, NY.

Britannica shared that Babe Ruth was,

"America's most celebrated athletes in the 20th century,"

The Historical Marker Database shared information about Babe Ruth and his visits to the Hudson Valley region.

They shared,

"It’s possible that Babe Ruth clobbered some home runs with one of these bats. Babe spent a lot of time at the Phoenicia Hotel."

The New York Post included that Phoenicia, NY is where Babe Ruth would spend time on the Esopus Creek and catch trout.

What Can You Experience In Phoenicia, NY?

I've visited many locations in the Ulster County, NY area and love spending time in Phoenicia, NY. The air feels fresh and crispy and in the summer months, the trees are large with lush green leaves on them.

While visiting Shandaken, NY be sure to check out its most popular hamlet, Phoenicia, NY. Personally, I have visited The Phoenicia Diner, explored the Rail Explores Catskills and stopped by the Empire State Museum and enjoyed my time.

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The Phoenicia Diner is one of the most visited spots within this hamlet and a staple in the community. The Empire State Railway Museum is a museum that has the railroad history of the Ulster County, NY area.

Rail Explorers Catskills is an attraction that allows guests to use their vehicles that are powered by pedaling on railroad tracks to see beautiful Ulster County, NY scenery.

Have you ever been to Shandaken, NY, or any of its hamlets before? Will you visit this area? Tell us more below.

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