At some point in time, we may have heard of the legend of this fictional book and movie. I took what I saw from the movie and book and went on an adventure to explore what I learned.

The cemetery held historic graves, tours and visitors curious about what was real vs. a myth. On site, those interested can learn about Washington Irving, Andrew Carnegie and other historical influences.

There is also a historic fund that allows guests to be on the grounds as long as they respect them. They hope that by allowing this, it will encourage more people to learn about the knowledge behind the area, church and site. They also take pride in preserving and maintaining the cemetery. 

Have you heard of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow?


Some would argue that the story behind The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is fictional while others say that it's based on true events. This fan favorite tale and movie is Washington Irving’s short story, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.”

Out of town visitors wonder if The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is a true story?

Based on the New York Historical Society, Washington Irving could have been inspired by "an actual Hessian soldier who was decapitated by a cannonball during the Battle of White Plains". This would have taken place in 1776.

Since Irving's story takes place in the Village of Sleepy Hollow in New York, this story feels more real to those who read it. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is now a musical in the Hudson Valley.

What was Sleepy Hollow originally called?

Allison Kay
Allison Kay

Before Sleepy Hollow, NY got it's name, it was referred to as North Tarrytown. In the late 1990's, residents voted for this name change to bring Washington Irving's tale to life. This would then create growth, bring in visitors/tourists and create a well established community.

As of now, thousands of visitors make the trip to Sleepy Hollow. They attend cemetery tours, haunted houses and anything spooky season related during Halloween.

Have you ever been to Sleepy Hollow before? Will you go this year? Share with us below.

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