Kingston is full of great businesses. There are so many awesome restaurants and eateries, local stores and shops, bars and nightclubs and music venues. Each of those businesses on their own are awesome, but when two of them pair up, the end product can be incredible. Can be and is.

Keegan Ales, one of Kingston’s most beloved businesses has teamed up with another Kingston favorite, Kingston Candy Bar, and together they have created Butterbeer by Keegan Ales. It’s on tap now at Kingston Candy bar, and check out the description. Bubbly sweet (nonalcoholic)soda, topped with a sweet confectionery cold foam, wizard sprinkles and sparkle. Yummy, right?

Butterbeer is served as a small 16 oz in a keepsake frosted glass mug or a large in the eco-friendly 20 oz cup. Both sound great, but there’s something really appealing about a frosted mug. And you get to keep it! Butterbeer is not all you’ll find at Kingston Candy Bar. They have Jane’s Homemade Ice Cream, amazing cookies, candy from your childhood, their own signature candy favorites and a whole lot more. I used to go there everytime my musician boyfriend had a gig in Kingston. It's not the kind of store where you walk out empty handed. In fact, I dare you to try.

Kingston Candy Bar is at 319 Wall Street in Uptown Kingston and Keegan Ales is at 20 Saint James Street in Kingston. If you’re headed that way, you’ll want to visit both. Have a great meal, some delicious brews and enjoy local live music at Keegan, then head to Kingston Candy Bar for a Butterbeer dessert. Sounds like a plan…

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