Officials want to know what is going on after a plane full of "allegedly illegal (teen) immigrants" landed in the Hudson Valley.

Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus confirmed he got a call Friday night that a bus of "allegedly illegal immigrants" landed at the Orange County Airport.

Plane Full of Immigrants Lands At Orange County Airport in Montgomery, New York

Orange County Airport
Orange County Airport

A bus of the migrants was stopped in Montogmery after someone called in a tip of "suspicious activity."

When Neuhaus arrived on the scene, law enforcement was already there.

"(I went) to see what's going on. It's in our County and obviously, we've heard these going on across America. They've happened allegedly in this County, in Stewart Airport," Neuhaus said.

Three federal employees were with the bus driver and a group of young female migrants.

Migrants Going To "Number Of Stops In New York"

Steve Neuhaus/Orange County Government/Facebook
Steve Neuhaus/Orange County Government/Facebook

There were about 25 migrant girls, all under the age of 17, who were flown from Texas to Orange County, according to Neuhaus. The girls flew from the El Paso, Texas Air Force Base.

Neuhaus was told by federal agents there were "a number of stops in New York" where the girls were going to be dropped off "where they're going to be given care."

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Neuhaus Feeds Migrant Teens McDonald's

The bus was eventually released after federal authorities were able to verify the teens. Before leaving Orange County, Neuhaus purchased the girl's dinner at an Orange County McDonald's.


"At the end of the day, these are human beings. You want to take care of these people, men, women, children. They didn't have their parents with them," Neuhaus added.

Neuhaus: Where Are Our Federal Officials?

Neuhaus wondered where federal officials are as these asylum seekers arrived in Orange County.

"I don't know where our federal officials are, our Senators. Our Congress members. Are they going to answer? Republican, Democrat, I don't care. But are they going to answer and say (where these teens are going)? Somebody needs to really be forthcoming and honest with us as American citizens," he said. "I think most Americans are sympathetic but things being done secretly always add to suspicion and confusion."

Some May Stay in Hudson Valley


Neuhaus confirmed none of the teens will be staying in Orange County. They are going to other parts of New York State, but some may remain in the Hudson Valley.

"To my knowledge right now I heard some were going up up, north and some are going in across the river, but none of them were staying in Orange County," Neuhaus said.

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