This Dutchess County spot always seems to be forgotten about, but if you take a moment and really look you'll see that there's a lot to explore there.

There are MANY cool places to check out in the Hudson Valley. However, some of them can get overlooked because they are on the smaller side or people simply just don't know much about them.

I did an online poll to figure out what Hudson Valley spot is considered "the most overlooked" and this one came in very hot as a popular choice for listeners.


Staatsburg, New York. Staatsburg is a hamlet that's located right in Dutchess County.

So, let's check out some cool spots there:

Staatsburg State Historic Site:

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

This a beautiful spot to check out. Many people walk around the mansion and go inside to check out its beauty.

Want to visit?

The mansion is located on 75 Mills Mansion Drive US-1. Whether it's a nice day out or a little on the chilly side there's always something to check out here.

Milea Estate Vineyard:

Milea Estate Vineyard Facebook/Canva
Milea Estate Vineyard Facebook/Canva

Now we're talking. Wine, wine and more wine. I think everyone knows where I'm going with this. Need a drink? Milea Estate Vineyard (located on 450 Hallow Road)  is a great place to spend an afternoon, catch up with friends and get some drinking done. Save me a glass os white wine please,,,

Black Snake Brewing Company:

Black Snake Brewing Company Facebook/Canva
Black Snake Brewing Company Facebook/Canva

More booze, perfect. Black Snake Brewing Company is located right near here (148 Creek Road) and as you can tell by the picture, the area is very beautiful and scenic. You can come hideaway for a bit and enjoy a refreshing iced cold beer. Cheers.

Some listeners also pointed out that Staatsburg is super close to Hyde Park and Rhinebeck and both are areas that are filled with things to do. Hyde Park is known for the Vanderbilt Mansion and Rhinebeck for being a celebrity hangout/place with great restaurants.

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