There's a new place to check out in the Hudson Valley that has a wide variety of drinks and dishes.

I don't know about you, but I am DRAGGING during this time of year. It's cold, dark, super busy and I could really use an IV of coffee. An iced or warm cup of coffee gives you that little boost you need to finish the day, to make that stop at the grocery store after work or provides just enough energy to get to the next day. A new spot has opened up in the Hopewell Junction area and it looks like a great place to get your caffeine fix and more.

What new spot opened up in the Hopewell Junction area?

A. Beephan/Canva
A. Beephan/Canva

A really big and warm welcome to the Heavenly Garden Cafe. They are located on 816 NY-82 in Hopewell (across from the plaza that Acme is in) and are offering a ton of coffee, smoothie and food options to residents. I was driving by the other day and noticed that something new was opening up in this spot so I had to do some digging.

It's a great location because it's right in the middle of Hopewell and there are always tons of cars driving by. It's a good traffic area too so I'm sure it will catch the attention of a lot of residents.

I was looking at the menu and it looks like there is something for everyone, literally everyone. They have specialty coffee and teas, smoothies, bowls, juices, boba, bubble tea, refreshers, mocktails, breakfast choices, lunch items and a special tea for two offer. What big a menu with enough choices for all.

I already know I'm heading there right after work to try out their iced carmel macchiatto and I will be getting the large size (it's Monday and I need extra caffeine).

We wish the Heavenly Garden Cafe the best of luck with their business and if you go and check it out, let us know what you ordered on the station app.

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