Imagine my surprise when I saw football on TV tonight. I didn't realize we were already heading into the preseason with the NFL. Football aside there is another pre-season event I want to talk about that involves you and the NYS DEC, I want to talk about Turkey.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) sent out an all-call today for "Citizen Scientists". They are hoping to enlist you to help them count our Hudson Valley Turkey population. Every year the NYS DEC asks for our help and it is actually so easy to help.

Be an NYS DEC Citizen Scientist who Counts Turkeys in New York

Strutting male wild turkey displaying in the spring mating season.

The NYS DEC posted a reminder on their Facebook page that citizen scientists play an important part in monitoring the turkey popular in New York State. According to the information they shared recruiting people to help count the turkey population has been part of them being able to monitor what appears to be a decline in population.

Turkey populations in New York State peaked in the late 1990s and early 2000s. However, over the past decade, turkey productivity has consistently been below average, leading to lower populations. (via NYS DEC )

The Summer Turkey census has been underway since 1996. The annual survey has allowed them to track turkeys and therefore manage the harvest opportunities in New York. Basically, all they are asking for you to do is report turkey sightings during your travels throughout the summer months.

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If you see turkeys on your travels you are encouraged to fill out this online survey: NYS DEC Citizen Scientists Turkey Sighting Survey.

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