Have you ever been to Hollywood before? What about in the Hudson Valley? For those who are unfamiliar with the history in this building find it possible to question how there could be a Hollywood Bar.

Those who have had the honors of going to this Hollywood Bar would have some fascinating stories to share. With all of the rich history in the Hudson Valley, we can learn something new about where we live, the places we visit and even the restaurants we dine at.

Every location has historic details and stories that showcase what life was like prior to us residing here.

Where Was The Hudson Valley's Hollywood Bar?

Some say that this bar was in the tiny hamlet of Clintondale, NY. while other's claimed its location was in Highland, NY.

According to Gunk Haus, “For those of you who know, the Hollywood Bar’s Saturday night dances have been the glue that holds the Hudson Valley’s Jamaican population together.” 

What Was The Hollywood Bar Like?

There were fascinating, historic documents left behind that showed details about the bar.

According to Gunk Haus, you could expect to see

"Two female bartenders- one in cowboy hat and dude duds- made rum punches and served beers. A number of people ordered Jamaican overproof rum, straight up from the islands. Loud, bass-ridden reggae music blasted forth across the bar from the dance room, which was separated from the room I was in by a short mini-bar like they have in British pubs."

The Hollywood Bar Seemed To Be A Hotspot In The Hudson Valley

Another scene of this famous bar was explained as,

"Couples and single men hit the dance floor, bathed in sensual red light. Cooks started to fry chicken in the back."

Who Owned The Hollywood Bar?

Known as “a friendly man and a true professional”, the owner was Freddy Elliott. However, he wasn't the only one who had the Hollywood Bar.

The building is from the 1820's and has been known for it's green and yellow outdoor look. The Hollywood Bar was known for being a Jamaican bar to Italian restaurant and even a family home.

The Hollywood Bar Had Different Names Over The Years

From the Elliot family to the Sivillo's, the history lived on at The Hollywood Hotel Bar. In the 1930's, the Sivillo family owned the Hollywood Hotel.

They then converted it to the Hollywood Bar and Grill. According to Gunk Haus, this happened sometime after the prohibition. 

What's The Hollywood Bar Like Today?

With many previous names, this historic building is now called Gunk Haus.

Owners, Elizabeth Steckel and Dirk Schalle wanted to open a German restaurant. This is where the idea of the Gunk Haus came into play.

They take pride in their farm to table options, vegan and vegetarian choices as well.

Guests now have the opportunity to visit this historic eatery. There is a large variety of delicious food and craft beer options. The view of the Shawangunk Mountains is incredible at Gunk Haus.

Gunk Haus has been the winner of Best Of The Hudson Valley for outdoor dining, restaurant view, German restaurant and their burgers.

Gunk Haus

 387 South St, Highland, NY 12528

Have you ever been here before? Do you have a story to share? Let us know below.

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