It appears a brutal, cold, snowy and long winter with some blizzards is in store for New York State residents.

The Farmers' Almanac just released its "Winter 2024 Extended Weather Forecast."

"Every year since 1818, we consult our time-tested weather formula to offer you an extended weather forecast not only for the winter ahead, but the entire year. Our goal is to help you plan ahead. Yes, predicting the weather that far in advance has its risks, and at a times, nature likes to remind us that she has the last word. But we do our best with the tools we have," the Farmers' Alamac states.

Winter Weather To Make a Comeback In New York State

Farmers' Alamac
Farmers' Alamac

The Farmers' Alamac predicts after a mild 2022-2023 winter snowy and cold conditions will return for the 2023-2024 winter.

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"Winter weather is making a comeback. After a warm winter anomaly last year, traditional cool temperatures and snowy weather conditions will return," the Farmers' Alamac states.

"Brrr Is Back" In New York

Man freezing in snow storm white out close up
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Experts also expect El Niño will bring cold temperatures, snow, sleet an ice.

"The BRRR Is Back! "If we consider that alongside our tried-and-true forecast formula, (El Niño) means that cold temperatures should prevail throughout the country and bring snow, sleet, and ice," the Farmers' Alamac said.

Blizzard Conditions Could Arrive In December

Winter officially starts on Thursday, Dec. 21, 2023, but meteorological winter starts on December 1.

December 2023 could be "quite stormy" with "blizzard" conditions.

Photo by Patino Jhon on Unsplash
Photo by Patino Jhon on Unsplash

"Our extended weather forecast calls for some blizzard conditions blowing snow into areas over northern New England," the Farmers' Alamac adds.

Stormy, Snowy, Wet January

Eastern states, like New York, are expected to see a "stormy, snowy, and wet" January.

The region could also see "below-average temperatures and lots of snowstorms, sleet, ice, rain, especially in January and February."

Major Storm In February

US East Coast Begins To Dig Out After Large Blizzard
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Then in the second week for February East Coast storm affecting the Northeast states "will bring snowfall, cold rain and then frigid temperatures."

Wintry March, April Snow

It appears winter won't go away in 2024.

The Farmers' Alamac also predicts a "wintry mess" for the East Coast during the first week of March and a "possible late-season snowfall" in the high-terrain areas of the region during the third week of April.

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"A possible late-season snowfall during the third week of April won’t be a fun “April Fools’ Day” prank!" officials add.

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