Snow is a part of winter, so is cold and New York State knows a thing or two about both. So what does one do when the winter weather turns blustery and cold? You bundle up and turn the heat on.

The question that has led to many fights, divorces, and possibly disownments is the temperature at which you have the thermostat set. Since you probably want to keep peace throughout your home, what is the answer to that question, what is the best temperature to keep your home at during the winter?

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Is there a best temperature to keep the house at during the winter?


Yes, it turns out there is an optimal temperature to keep your home at during the winter. Here is where it gets tricky, do you live with a miser? Do you live with someone who believes that shorts and T-shirts are something that has to be worn inside in the winter?

Hopefully, everyone in the house is of the same mindset, as it is when people are not, that things get tricky. Too cold, put on a sweater and socks. Too warm, put on shorts.

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What is the optimal temperature to keep the heat at during the winter?


As a person who keeps the temp steady at about 65 during the winter, yes, I am firmly in Camp Miser territory, the official sweet spot for the thermostat temperature during the winter is 68 degrees Fahrenheit, according to

This 68 degrees is for when you are actually home, and then it is suggested that you lower it by 3 or 4 degrees for when you are away from the home, and at night.

What temperature do you actually keep your thermostat set to during the winter?

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