The first big lake effect snowstorm of the 2023-24 winter hit Buffalo and Western New York, creating havoc all over the region.

From closing down schools to forcing several towns to issue travel advisories, the snow that hit the different parts of New York State was pretty annoying. However, it's that time of year again, and we will be dealing with snow and cold for the next few months.

After the historic and tragic snow storms that hit the Buffalo area in 2022, weather officials all over the country pay a little extra attention to Western New York and the weather patterns as they develop. This includes some of the more interesting weather phenomena that occur during the winter.

Thundersnow In WNY Was Caught On Camera

No matter how often it happens, thundersnow still makes news when it happens, and it continues to awe us. During the last lake effect snow storm when it happened, it was caught on video.

Whether you realize it or not, thundersnow is a rare weather phenomenon. According to the National Weather Service, thundersnow happens when there is relatively strong instability and abundant moisture above the surface of the Earth, such as above a warm front. When this happens, the thundersnow storm is just like a typical thunderstorm - except snow.

Check Out The Thundersnow From Space

While it's super exciting (and a tad scary) to experience thundersnow when you're on the ground, in the middle of it, could you imagine what it's like to see it happen from space?

Well, the folks over at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) operate a geostationary satellite, GOES East (GOES-16), that monitors weather on the eastern section of North America from space, and well last week, what it caught?

Thundersnow, but from space. Check out the video below.

Here Are A Few Things To Do To Get Ready For A Winter Snowstorm

Before the winter weather in New York starts getting bad, here are a few steps that you can take right now to make sure you're ready to ride out the weather.

Gallery Credit: Ed Nice

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