Changes are coming and believe me, this change is going to be beautiful.

Earlier this week the Hudson Valley celebrated the first official day of fall. We spoke to a few of our listeners who told us some of their favorite fall activities around the Valley. The list includes bonfires, cooking up some chili or soup, and of course apple and pumpkin picking.

But one of the top activities that were mentioned was going for a ride in the car (or on a boat!) to get a look at the absolutely gorgeous fall foliage.

If you were thinking about doing a little leaf-peeping this weekend, you may want to hold off or head outside of the Hudson Valley. This weekend there isn't much change in our area. According to the I Love NY Fall Foliage report, there's only about a 10% change being seen by spotters in Dutchess County. Cornwall and Storm King in Orange County are also seeing a 10% change seeing hints of red, orange, and yellow leaves.

With that being said, Rockland County foliage spotters are reporting a 20% change with "some fall colors of average brilliance popping against a predominantly green backdrop."

Looking to go on a little road trip this weekend? The Catskills is just starting to see a little pop of color. Delaware County is reporting a 40% color change with "brilliant pops of red maple leaves in wet areas" and Green County is calling for a 30% change.

What are some of your favorite places to see the leaves change? Let us know on Facebook and we'll put together a list of the best leaf-peeping spots across the Hudson Valley.

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