Believe it or not, there is less than a month left to our summer. And even though it's been a summer like no other, I think we did a pretty good job of making the best of things. So, why not end summer with a festive but safe bang?

The Town of LaGrange Parks and Recreation presents Desserts and Fireworks, a community event, at 6PM Sept. 19 at Freedom Park on Skidmore Road. There will be yummy dessert trucks and a spectacular fireworks show for Lagrange residents as we say goodbye to summer and celebrate the resilience of the LaGrange community during trying times.

This will be a drive-in event. Vehicles will be met at the park gate, tickets will be checked, and guests will be directed to park in every other parking space to adhere to social distancing. Social distancing will be in effect. Groups in a vehicle must remain at their own vehicle except when getting desserts or using the restroom, in which case, you must wear a mask and social distance if waiting in line.

Registration opens for Lagrange residents today from 1PM - 3PM outside of LaGrange Town Hall or 5PM -7PM at Freedom Park. For all the details and a full list of rules, visit the facebook page.



Keeping Busy on a Beautiful Weekend


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