You still throwing those coffee grounds away? Did you know that there quite a few things that you can use them for? Obviously the most important thing you can do with them is make the coffee in the first place, no one will argue with you on that point. If they don't agree, ask them to take a meeting with you, first thing in the morning at your home, at their own risk. You'll change their mind.

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Coffee grounds are ridiculously useful after you have used them to get your precious "Elixir-of-the-Gods." Here are just a few of the things you can do with them, both inside and outside of the house. Gardeners, feel free to email me with ones not listed here.

  • You can add the old grounds to your plant soil. Now, not all plants need the high acid that is in the coffee grounds, so double check before you put them in the garden all willy nilly, but the worms LOVE the grounds. Happy worms, happy soil.
  • Don't want bugs around your patio? You can place the grounds in a chunky line all around the patio. When they dry, they are a natural repellent to those little critters. Keep in mind that rain and sun will cause the grounds to break down, so you will need to reapply.
  • Thanks to Imperfect Foods for this tip. Use the grounds to help break up stuck on food items on pots and pans. You can use them in addition to a scrubber and they will help to break down that stuck on food. I have also used the coffee grounds to help clean the bathtub, as I have hard water stains around my drain.
  • I haven't tried this one, but apparently you can make a natural exfoliate that you can use on your face by combining the used grounds with coconut oil. (HT to Gardening Channel).

Are the four things listed above the only things that you can do with used grounds? No, not at all There are dozens of things that you can use old coffee grounds for to helping your compost pile, to dyeing Easter Eggs and even antiquing fabric and paper. What do you use your old coffee grounds for?

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