You'd think people would know better? They don't sometimes. We've had Tide Pod challenges, people sticking coins into light sockets, and even some folks lighting themselves on fire. All this for some silly social media prank or challenge of the week. The latest fad is a peculiar one, and it's already lead to a number of people hurting themselves just so they can post their video on apps like TikTok.

It's called the Milk Crate challenge. It's pretty much what you'd expect too. Videos have surfaced all over social media of people stacking a bunch of unsecured crates together in a pyramid-like shape, and then attempting to climb up and down the makeshift structure. A few have succeeded. Many do not. Some of the fails have been quite disastrous. Now, doctors are warning everyone not to pull the stunt, saying it "glorifies dangerous acts". No s***!? They wanr that's wore than falling from a ladder. Even some local police departments are urging the public not to partake.

TikTok is already pulling videos that glorify the challenge, though some other social media sites still allow the videos to stay up. Granted, it can be hard to not turn away when one of these videos pops up on your feed. But then again, it can be hard to turn away from train wrecks. It's become such an issue, that the FDA has chimed over social media.

Although we regulate milk, we can’t recommend you try that. Perhaps enjoy a nice glass of 2% and return all those crates to the grocery store?

So if you don't want to knock your teeth out, or break your neck, then don't bother with this dumb challenge. Of course, this probably won't stop people for long as some new challenge will rise within the weeks, that will put peoples' well being at rick just so they can show off in front of friends.

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