If you grew up in the Hudson Valley or tri-state area, the likelihood is you've had a family road trip to The Catskill Game Farm.

Personally, The Catskill Game Farm was a family tradition. I can remember seeing pictures of my Dad and Grandparents from the Catskill Game Farm when they were younger. I also remember being chased by a peacock as a kid and crying my eyes out. But I digress.  As I got older the trips to the Catskill Game Farm stopped, but the memories and stories lived on.

Unfortunately, The Catskill Game Farm closed in 2006 but in the last few years, it has found new life as an inn where visitors can stay in their favorite part of the park. For instance, you can cozy up in The Catskill Game Farm Giraffe House or do a little glamping in what used to be an animal enclosure.

The Old Game Farm Facebook page has been keeping fans of the Catskill destination up to date with updates done to the property and also sharing old photos. It's always fun to relive those vacation memories.

This week The Old Game Farm shared a photo of their infamous train ride that took guests around the park. Take a look above at the Catskill Game Farm train. I would do just about anything to go back and hop aboard that bad boy.  Do you remember your first train ride at the Catskill Game Farm?

While the train ride isn't up and running, you can still visit The Old Catskill Game Farm and stay the night. More information and availability can be found at TheOldGameFarm.com. 

What's your favorite memory from The Catskill Game Farm?

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Many Hudson Valley towns do various outdoor art displays throughout the Summer. Catskill is known for it's Cats. These one of a kind creations are the work of local artist who wish to share their themed cats with the people visiting Catskill and Leeds. At the end of the season their is an auction with a gala where the Cats are auctioned off. Heart of Catskill is behind this great display that adds another reason to visit, shop and dine in the community.

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