What just happened? You came out to your car and you noticed that one or both of your New York State license plates were no longer on your car. Yikes! Were they stolen? Did they just simply fall off?

What do you do next? Think that the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will just give you another one? Or are they going to make you pay a ton of money and wait a few weeks? Keep reading if this has happened to you.

What should you do first if both your license plates are missing?


If you come out to your car (or vehicle) and both of your license plates are missing, they are just 'magically gone' odds are they were stolen. What do you need to do to get plates on your car so you can drive it?

First thing? If both your plates are missing, call the police and report them as being stolen. If, by chance, someone else is now driving around with your plates on their car, this could mean everything from tickets from speed cameras, tolls and toll violations, etc. Get it on record that those plates are gone-zo.  What to do next after you find your license plates missing?

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What to do next after you find your license plates missing?

Photo by Robert Locke on Unsplash
Photo by Robert Locke on Unsplash

You will have to get to the Department of Motor Vehicles immediately. If you have a copy of the police report that will go a long way to getting you the new plates. If you have simply lost one of your plates, let them know that (at the DMV) so they can best help you get your plates replaced. Yes, it will cost you, but get it done as quickly as possible, to avoid additional headaches and expenses.

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