Are you a hunter? Do you hunt deer? There are many people that share your love of hunting, and its process. Do you eat the deer meat (venison) or do you give it away to your friends?

Before you head out to get a deer this year, you will need to know a little more information in addition to having your license and your deer tags. What do you need to know about hunting this year in New York State? What changed? Keep reading for more information:

What do hunters need to be aware of this year in New York State?

Whitetail Deer
Steve Oehlenschlager

What do hunters need to know? They all need to know that there have been multiple cases of Bovine Tuberculosis in New York State, and because of that, there are certain things that you will need to do with the venison or deer meat from your most recent hunting trip. 

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While it is unlikely to recognize that a deer has Bovine Tuberculosis simply by looking at the deer, you will see something different when you cut into your deer meat during the dressing process. Other things that hunters will need to be aware of is that Bovine Tuberculosis is airborne. There have been few cases where hunters have contracted Bovine Tuberculosis from breathing in the bacteria while they are (the hunters) are hunting or while cleaning the meat.  How can you know if your meat has this Bovine TB? When you are dressing the meat, you will notice different sized white, tan or yellow lesions (bubble-ish looking) pockets on the lungs, rib cage, or in the chest cavity.

Will this keep you from hunting this year?

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