A New York Hunter is accused of illegally using donuts as bear bait on state land in the Hudson Valley.

On Wednesday, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation released another Environmental Conservation Police on Patrol. The DEC's Division of Law Enforcement enforces the 71 chapters of New York State's Environmental Conservation Law, protecting fish and wildlife and preserving environmental quality across New York, according to the DEC.

New York Hunter Uses Donut As Bear Bait in Sullivan County, New York


In this week's report, the DEC announced a New York hunter was ticketed for using donuts as bear bait, which is illegal. On Oct. 2, ECOs Parker and Doroski completed a bear-baiting investigation in the town of Forestburgh.

"Utilizing intelligence gathered by Investigators with DEC's Bureau of Environmental Crime Investigations, ECOs identified an area of State land potentially being baited for bears. After hiking many miles over several days, ECOs located two hunting locations on the ridge that appeared to be baited, as the earth near the hunting stands and blinds was freshly disturbed," the DEC stated in a press release.

Officers tried to catch the hunter just as the sun began to rise and found a person bowhunting for bear over bait in one of the suspected stands, officials say.

Hunter Found With Illegal Donuts In The Town of Forestburgh, New York


The bait consisted of donuts placed in trees, smeared on tree bark, and placed in tree knots, according to the DEC.

The hunter first told officers he planned to eat all of the donuts, including donuts found in a tree stump, officials say. He allegedly told the DEC he dropped the donuts that officers found in the tree. Officers also found a large package of donuts in his backpack.

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The Donut Hole - Sullivan County: Man Ticketed For Using Donuts As Bear Bait

Donuts from Hole in the Wall
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The unnamed man was ticketed for hunting bears with the aid of bait, failing to display a backtag, injuring trees on State land, littering on State land, failing to label stands/blinds with a name/address, and several other State land offenses.

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