Are you a hunter who has recently said to themselves, "Oh Deer?" There are people who love to hunt and eat Venison, but there are also people who just love to hunt and like to not eat venison.

Is there a potential marriage between the two types of people? Well, sort of. If you are a person who likes to hunt, but does not eat venison, is there anything you can do with the meat? Even after your neighbors are already stocked up in their freezers, there is something that you can do.

What to do if you are a New York State hunter with too much deer meat?

Photo by Pushkaraj Deshpande on Unsplash
Photo by Pushkaraj Deshpande on Unsplash


Believe it or not, you can actually donate your deer. There are food banks that will be thrilled to take your meat. Yes, you can take it to a processor and then (for no charge) they will process it and get it to the food banks that they work with.  

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What do you need to know before you go hunting in New York State?

Portrait of majestic red deer stag in Autumn Fall
Matt Gibson

What do you need to do before you go hunting? You will need to make sure that you do things when hunting, like the type of ammunition you use, and how to properly get a deer ready for the processor. Heck, you should know where the closest deer processor is. What kind of ammunition should you use when hunting to be able to donate your deer? Non-lead or non-toxic ammunition should be used when hunting, this is safer for the people that are going to potentially eat the meat.

Will donating deer meat in New York State allow you to hunt out of season? Or without additional tags?

Grant Scully
Grant Scully

No, just because you are donating the meat, does not allow you to go hunting out of season nor are you allowed to take more deer than you have tags for. If you do donate, thank you.

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