Looking for a new career, or maybe you just want to get back to teaching? The Danbury Public Schools may be looking for you, as they have 70 positions they are looking to fill.

Danbury Schools are finally back on hybrid learning and now they have a need to fill many different positions, but one of the most sought after is long-term substitute teacher.

In this time of COVID-19, keeping teachers safe and healthy is one of the main priorities in the Danbury School system, and because of that and the guidance set forth by the state, substitute teachers are in high demand.

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If you're looking for a new career or maybe you just want to get back to teaching, the Danbury Public Schools may be looking for you. Aside from looking for long term subs, other openings include coaching, office staff, student services, some full-time teaching positions and more.

According to patch.com, It's not like the school system is adding any new jobs to the current budget, these openings are for jobs that have recently opened up, or are mandated positions that need to be filled.

It's a school year like no other, but this could be your chance to get your foot in the door and join the Danbury Public School System.

So, if you're looking to get back into teaching, coaching student athletes, working in the office, whether it's full or part-time, just click on the link below and open up a full list of possibilities. You can apply for all openings through the Danbury Board of Education website.

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