This week plan to hear a lot about corned beef. With St. Paddy's day in the middle of the week, we will most likely be talking about various Irish celebrations through the weekend and that will include talking about food.

So what exactly is corned beef? According to Delish, it is a tough cut of meat usually brisket, made tender by a salt-filled cooking process which is probably why so many of us like it. They liken the cooking process to pickling the beef. They even go as far as mentioning that The Spruce Eats refers to corned beef as pickled beef.

All I know is it is good and I have never had to cook one. I would love to try but it just seems easier to get it prepared and ready to serve. All Recipes has a recipe that seems pretty straight forward but again I think I am going to leave the cooking to the professionals.

I am not afraid to tackle cooking the cabbage. I had a friend of mine named Chris Wilson once show me the easiest way to cook a head of cabbage and I use his recipe every year. Basically, it cooks with butter cooked in a cast-iron skillet until the cabbage leaves practically melt in your mouth.

Take a head of cabbage slice it up into large pieces. Then place it into a cast iron pan on the stove, add plenty of butter along with salt and pepper to taste and just let the cabbage cook down on medium-low heat until the cabbage is soft. We always used green cabbage but you could try red if you wanted.

And one more thing you don't have to drink beer with your corned beef and cabbage it turns out there are a lot of wines that pair just as nice.

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