If you are like me then you know the only way to make fish taste good is to drowned it in some sort of sauce. With everyone talking about eating fish for lent this week it got me thinking about all the things I would put on fish to make it taste good. Don't get me wrong I have had some great fish dishes that I didn't have to bury in sauce but that is because they were prepared with some other amazing favor or spice rub.

I did a little research online to see if I could find out if people prefer ketchup or tartar sauce on their fish and unfortunately I was unable to find any statistic that would say whether people had a preference. I think it is safe to say it is split down the middle. At my house I am the tartar sauce girl while my husband loves the ketchup.

It seems like this would be a good time to mention that National Tartar Sauce Day is this Friday (February 19, 2021). It is always the first Friday after Lent begins. There are other sauces and things that top fish besides the two standards. After all who could forget about lemons and a garlic butter sauce is sure to have you cleaning your plate.

I think what sauce you chose also depends on what seafood or fish you are eating. Fried Cod is your ketchup and tartar sauce kind of fish. Although I know a few folks who just like straight vinegar on their fish n chips. Then you have salmon which calls for more of a lemon or dill type of sauce. Of course we also need to make sure we aren't turning a meal that is good for us in to a cardiac event on a plate. The Healthy explains how some of our favorite sauce can be full of bad fats and sodium.

So as we head into fish eating season for the next few weeks let's make sure we are enjoying the fish but not smothering it in so many calories we might as well just have eaten a steak grilled in herb butter.

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