The best part of summer isn't over yet in the Hudson Valley. All our local farm stands are still chuck full of so many fresh fruits and veggies.

Bushel Baskets of Onions at Farm Stand

According to The Spruce Eats New York Season Guide to Fruits and Vegetables we still have plenty of fresh choices. Everything from Apples to Zucchinis. Don't let the calendar flipping and the weather turning colder keep you from visiting your favorite farm market or Farmer's Market for fresh seasonal Hudson Valley fruit and veggies.

It may seem with apple picking starting that we are getting to the end of fresh produce season in New York but the fact is we have plenty of choices clear through November. So keep planning those dinners that include fresh veggies on the grill. There are still plenty of fruits you can bake in a dessert. Apple and Peach pie season is just getting underway.

If you can't get to a local farm market then make sure you find the local produce section at your favorite grocery. Just about all of the Hudson Valley supermarkets have a section dedicated to local produce. Look for the signs that say what farms they come from in the area. If you don't see any at the store you shop at be sure to ask the manager.

Helping our local farmers even if we are buying their produce from a grocery chain makes a big difference for our local farm economy.  Not all farmers can get to a local farm market to sell so buying local produce at bigger food store is also a great way to help.

8 Hudson Valley Fruits & Veggies Fresh in September

August is closing out fast but there is still plenty of time to head out to a Hudson Valley Farm market and grab up fresh fruits and vegetable. The end of summer doesn't mean the end of fresh local produce. Some of our favorites will be around well into the fall.

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