I know plenty of people who are itching for summer to be over to enjoy the fall festivities! If you're one of those people, then you'll love to get the season started with these Dutchess County orchards and markets!

Barton Orchards

4.0 Stars, 1,644 Google Reviews

63 Apple Tree Ln, Poughquag, NY 12570

(845) 227-2306

5-Star Reviews: "🍎We always enjoy festival weekends for apple/pumpkin & (sunset) sunflower picking as there is a lot to do. Although a pricey admission, we do enjoy the numerous activities and can spend the whole day there with the family & little ones.

• *Bringing your dog* (such a plus)
• Getting there early/when they first open
• 🎃 If apple/pumpkin picking, bringing a wagon/lots of water
•🍩Apple Cider Donuts
•Going on a weekday if you prefer less crowds, esp. in the fall season (no admission charge as well)"

The farm isn't too far from the city and there is a scenic view along the way there, so you can enjoy your time and take in all the sights.
The place was free of admission since there weren't any events going on and there was a lot of space for parking.
We were able to bring our dog and she loved running across the large grassy fields and sniffing all the different fruits and vegetables. 🐕
We were surprised by how reasonable the prices for the veggies and fruits we picked were. It was a very good deal and we were very satisfied with it. (We would've picked a lot more if we had known!) 🌶
The only downside was that there wasn't any food to buy (like the chicken fingers or fries) when we went, but luckily the Farmer's Market was open, so we got some stuff to nibble on.
Will definitely recommend everyone to come here if they're looking to go apple 🍎 or pumpkin picking! 🎃"

Fishkill Farms

4.4 Stars, 1,702 Google Reviews

9 Fishkill Farm Rd, Hopewell Junction, NY 12533

(845) 897-4377

5-Star Reviews: "Loved the area it was very picturesque and refreshing. The day which started out cool warmed up and fabulous. It's a great place to go with girlfriends, coworkers and family. Pick best apples straight from trees and wipe them off and eat. They have apple cider and excellent Mexican food stand. They could make a killing with some candy apples but that is the only thing they don't have. Overall go it was best day trip."

"I’ve been to Fishkill Farms several times now and just reviewing because this place is AMAZING!! Such a nice escape from the city to the best “Pick-Your-Own” farm around. Whether it’s in the summer for berries and tomato’s or fall for pumpkins and apples, they have it all! I’ve had the best apple of my life here! There eco certified and organic produce is delicious every time. It’s one of the best experiences of my life tasting the freshness that is grown here. As a culinarian it’s a must stop if you want to do a “farm to table”. The staff has always been kind and knowledgeable. It’s so wonderful too to see all the bees and butterflies going about their little lives unbothered by people. The grounds are also well kept and easy to navigate. It’s truly a wonderful respite from the city & suburbs. And if you are there and they are making donuts; GET SOME! I highly recommend visiting and supporting this farm. They’re great!"

The Apple Core

4.6 Stars, 186 Google Reviews

462 Noxon Rd, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

(845) 471-2879

5-Star Reviews: "If you like pie, this is the place for you. I especially recommend the 4 berry or cherry, but it's really hard to go wrong. There are lots of other delicious goodies here too. Always worth the trip."

"The baked goods here are phenomenal! They are a little bit off the beaten path,but well worth the drive. The scones are my favorite but there's Danish, muffins,cookies, and donuts. Too much to list and everything is fresh and delicious"

"This is the best apple pie in all of Dutchess County! I Just purchased one for my family members in Westchester County, now they want to know where the pie came from, so I told them. My late mother used to buy pies from here when I was a kid and apple cider (we grew up in Dutchess).😋 I came all the way from Virginia to buy this pie. It was so good. My aunt (who is a writer and works for Parks and Recreation for the Taconic) or cousin will most likely stop by to buy a apple pie from Westchester. Thank you for making such great pies!"

Dykeman Farm

4.9 Stars, 79 Google Reviews

31 Dykeman Ln, Pawling, NY 12564

(845) 832-6068

5-Star Reviews: "Lovely farm with warm hearted people. This is the place to go for apples, corn, pumpkins, 🌻sunflowers, apple cider, mmmm Donuts and much more. Hop on the hayride to take you up to the fields where you are free to roam around and enjoy the beautiful scenery. My family and I will definitely be back soon for more!"

"For the past 8 years we’ve been coming here. This place is a gem! It takes a family to give you that family feel and the Dykeman family makes certain of that! Real pumpkin patches, not laid out pumpkins, hayrides, sunflower mazes, corn pit and more. Surrounded by real farmers you’ll forget you’re in NY."

"Local farm fresh CORN and seasonal Vegetables- the Best! 2023 they added a small inside area, so they can offer pickles and other jarred goods+ some local dairy items and don’t forget a homegrown bouquet to adorn the kitchen table!"

Meadowbrook Farm

4.7 Stars, 299 Google Reviews

29 Old Myers Corners Rd, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590

(845) 297-3002

5-Star Reviews: "This farm is such a fun day trip on a fall weekend. They have animals, pumpkins, apples, and the nicest farm shop to get all their farm goodies (produce, pies, honey, you name it). You get great quality products for reasonable price."

"Came here for the first time last weekend after growing up nearby. The farm is lovely, with a nice orchard and selection of pumpkins. The produce and baked goods are great. Those apple cider doughnuts were soft and flavorful, they felt downright fancy. Wonderful fall destination in Dutchess County, with much more reasonable pricing than some of its peers"

Shady Knoll Orchards & Distillery LLC

5.0 stars, 4 Google Reviews

37 Brush Hill Rd, Millbrook, NY 12545

5-Star Reviews: "I got to go a few months ago with a Groupon deal, and I had a great time! Andrew is clearly so passionate about what he does, and it's a joy to get to take a tour of the distillery with him. The spirits are excellent! I really loved the whiskey that's a blend of different barrels."

"Andrew was a pleasure to talk to, and he gave us one of the most interesting and informative distillery tours I've ever been on. Every product we sipped was great - the rye whiskey was especially interesting to me, unique and delicious. Can't wait to see what they produce in the future, I'll be back!"

"Deliciously crafted apple brandy, rye, and pommeau. A beautiful stop in a beautiful place."

Poughkeepsie Farm Project

4.7 Stars, 32 Reviews

51 Vassar Farm Ln, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

(845) 516-1100

5-Star Reviews:  "Consistent outstanding produce ( keeping I mind always that Mother Nature sometimes has her own agenda ) as well as informed and friendly staff , makes the PFP. The best there is. I've been a working share holder for the last 3 years and truly love it. ' Nuff said."

"I am so thankful that I put bulk money down in order to get vegetables from June to November! And they are straight out of the ground without pesticides! And I have learned many different side dish vegetable recipes! It has given us varieties for dinner and during the summer a lot of salad supplies! Now they have a winter share which I signed up for. It was between $300 and $400. And I will continue to get these fresh vegetables from December to March! I also get a dozen eggs once a week as part of the share from June to November. And with the prices of groceries these days I feel I've really saved a lot of money. You should look Poughkeepsie farm project up on the internet and try to get a half share if you're a family of four. It's plenty."

If you still need more inspiration for apples, pumpkin, and fall related produce, I recommend checking these out, as well. Honestly, apple pie is my favorite kind of pie, so I think you'll see me at all 8 of these places below!

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