Year after year, I save seeds from the pumpkin I buy for Halloween and then promise myself I will grow my own next year. The stack of seeds I have in a bowl set aside in my kitchen could be mistaken for a pumpkin seed snack if they weren't so dried out.

I have no idea if the bowl of seeds I have been saving year after year would actually grow a pumpkin but I do know according to everything I read about planting pumpkins, I still have time before Halloween. According to and multiple other sources, I can plant pumpkin seeds as late as the end of July and still have a homegrown pumpkin for Halloween.

Is July too Late to Grow a Pumpkin for Halloween?


Halloween is 3 months away, less than 110 days so if I am going to plant a pumpkin this year I am running out of time but I am happy to know I still have time. Everything I have read about pumpkin planting says that they don't like cold weather so planting too early in the year is not good. Pumpkins like it hot and grom well in the heat. So far I'd say July in the Hudson Valley has been a good year for pumpkin weather.

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So whether you are like me with a bowl of pumpkins seeds dried on your window sill or you are going to grab up what you can find on the seed rack at your favorite garden store. Just remember if you want that homegrown jack o lantern you need to get those seeds in the ground this week.

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