And so it will begin for another year. The big Summer grill debate. The discussions will go on until the season is over on Labor Day. Burgers vs. Dogs, Gas vs. Charcoal, to skewer or not to skewer, these are the things that will be decided just about every weekend for the next 2 or so months.

I really don't get a voice at my house because I am not the person who grills. I can be involved a bit when it comes to what is going to be put on the grill but I am not the person ultimately making the "grill" decisions. I leave those things up to my husband, the Grill Master of the House.

Grilling in the Hudson Valley can be a Year-Round Activity


He grills year-round and has a system for everything that goes on the grill. He has chosen a gas grill. It doesn't have many bells and whistles but it makes a mean cheeseburger. I find that part of the fun for him can be the grill accessories. I do have a voice in that department.

Every good grill master has the tools he likes close by and is ready to grill at any time. I feel kind of bad for my grill master because he only seems to have the basics when it comes to grill toys. While I was writing this article, I stumbled across a list of Grill Accessories. devised a list of 20 Best Grilling Accessories and I would love to dispute at least one of their suggestion but I really can't. The accessories they picked make me want to learn to grill. If I had to pick just one item off the list I really don't think I could narrow it down. All the items are purposeful and I want them all including the Cuisinart Non-stick Grill Wok.

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