So you are between the age of 18 and 24 and you have been looking for a job? Without a doubt that job search has got to have been a challenge over the last few months, year or so, right?  Could you benefit from a mentoring program? Could you use a little help 'polishing your job skills?' How about help getting your GED?

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With so many places hiring, how can you cut through the noise and be the best candidate for the job? Are you ready to interview? How is your CV or your resume?

While it might not be for you, if you live in Ulster County, check this out. There is a Yong Adult Employment Program. The services that are available with this program is not limited to what you might expect, like help getting the resume completed, access to computers for job searches and applications, but actually getting help with other skills too.

One of the biggest issues I learned that I had when I went to apply for a job was the actual interview. I stunk at it. While I could have been the best person for the job, that perspective employer could not tell that based on what happened during that formal sit-down.

According to their website, at, here are a few things that you can expect to get help with:

Paid and unpaid work experiences
Funding for occupational training
Internships, some of which are paid $14 an hour.
Job search and interview assistance
Career exploration and planning
Work readiness assistance
Application and reference review
Resume writing
GED preparation

What have you go to lose? Check out the programs.

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